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Zero confidence: the mobile dimension

By July 20, 2021Blog

Hank Schless, senior manager of security solutions at Lookout, discusses how to protect remote work via mobile devices.

After embarking on an unplanned second year of massive remote work, now everyone is accessing corporate resources through the cloud. To help enable this, organizations are introducing new technologies into their standard workflows. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a new realm of unmarked territory, as companies quickly, and almost randomly, moved all employees off-site. Corporate networks were unprepared to handle this new caliber of remote access, and significant security breaches were created along the way. However, individual and organizational data access to personal and corporate information began to evolve long before the pandemic.

We want to have access to anything, from anywhere, on any device. To securely enable that desire, security teams already needed visibility into every device accessing their corporate data and infrastructure. However, the pandemic catapulted this need to the top of the minds of all business leaders, and the ability to block harmful devices that put an organization’s security at risk has never been more necessary. Now, with operations almost completely shifting to the cloud for many, mobile workers have access to much more than just email. However, this access carries significant risks.

Zero trust, which is based on the idea that no device is secure until proven otherwise, has become a widely accepted technical framework as companies strive to monitor and maintain the health of endpoint networks. widely distributed. This philosophy should apply to any device that interacts with your network, the most precarious of which are our mobile phones and tablets. With work increasingly being done outside the reach of legacy edge systems, there is no effective way to determine who or which device you can trust.

To implement an effective zero trust strategy, organizations must first accept three key factors:

  1. Your network is now in all home offices
  2. Traditional and legacy security technologies do not apply.
  3. Mobile devices cannot be trusted.

    Author: Hank Schless
    Check at: https://threatpost.com/zero-trust-mobile-dimension/165349/

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