Cyber ​​hackers

they will take advantage of any weakness in the tools and programs that “are part of IT’s day-to-day.

MAKE SURE you are protected.


THERE ARE tools CREATED by hackers so that “anyone can become a hacker


They have caught the attention of hackers, thanks to the information they provide when purchasing a flight.

Protect yourself and your company …


of Things and all your devices

The implementation of technology in industries has become the main objectives for the

“Cybercrime and Malicious Activity”.

THE old weaknesses in cybersecurity of companies and users

they are a lure for “cybercrime and malicious activity.”

Avoid computer viruses when working from home


Regular updates.

Protect your computer with antivirus programs. Attention to unknown data sources: USB, external hard drives. Caution with unknown files on the Internet. Don’t open email attachments from unknown senders. Browser Safety: Use updates!

put a sentence in the password

“helps prevent a cyber attack”

Secure your children’s devices

Teach them to act against a malicious attack

It is better to prevent

What is Phishing?

It is the crime of tricking people into sharing confidential information such as passwords and credit card numbers. As in fishing, there is more than one way to catch a victim.

“Phishing is the simplest form of cyberattack and, at the same time, the most dangerous and effective.”


1.- Never click on a link in an email that you did not expect.

2.- Remember that email addresses can be forged. Even if the email appears to be from a family organization, it could be a phishing attempt.

3.- When an email asks you to log into an online account or service, log into your account through your browser.

How to prevent your mobile from being hacked?

1.Have an antivirus that analyzes all

the files that our device receives.

2.Keep your mobile updated.

3.Don’t click on the links or files that

you receive if you do not know for sure that they are trusted. If in doubt, check with the source to verify.

4.Don’t use open Wi-Fi networks. Do it only if absolutely necessary.

How do I know if my mobile has been hacked?

Improper access directly affects its operation:

The mobile works slower than usual.

The mobile overheats.

You receive and send messages to strangers.

You can discover unexpected charges on your mobile bill or directly on your credit card.


is cloning phishing?

In this attack, criminals copy, or clone, previously sent legitimate emails that contain a link or an attachment … Users click the link or open the file, often allowing them to take control of their systems

What is Smishing?

The fraudulent practice of sending text messages pretending to be from reputable companies, to induce people to reveal personal information, such as passwords or credit card numbers.

How to defend against a smishing attack?

• Do not reply to the text message or call the number.

• Do a web search for both the number and the content of the message.

• If the phishing message is spoofing a business, call the business directly.

• Do not click on any links in the message.


One of the main trends

of security that will affect companies during this year.

CLOUD security

For a sustainable cloud

This year cybercriminals are changing their approach: they will focus on cloud environments, carrying out more innovative attacks. This will give them access to a greater diversity of systems, including environments and containers in the cloud. Make sure you have a firewall!

Scammers pose as well-known brands and

They send out emails announcing extravagant rewards through surveys.

Don’t fall into this trap!

Phishing attacks will go beyond email …

“Phishing attacks will go beyond email” Email will remain the most widely used attack vector. But this year, cybercriminals will employ new techniques to trick potential victims into providing personal information, credentials, or even sending money. Phishing attacks will be used against mobile phones through SMS messages, as well as through conversations on social networks.

Mobile banking malware attacks are on the rise. This type of malware can steal payment details, credentials, and funds from victims’ accounts. Furthermore, phishing attacks will be more sophisticated and effective, thus attracting mobile users to click on malicious web links. Make sure you are protected!

Cybercriminals are increasing the complexity and volume of their attacks and campaigns.

Protect yourself and avoid risks!

The human factor plays a key role in 80% of cyberattacks, companies that go beyond detection and place special emphasis on educating their employees so that they become firewalls against these attacks, training them in safe habits in use of digital tools, it will help you get one step ahead.

Develop threat prevention strategies capable not only of facing any type and generation of cyber risk, but also of protecting the current structures of companies. In cybersecurity there are no second chances, we bet on prevention as the best layer of protection. Always staying one step ahead of cybercriminals is the best strategy.

Cybersecurity Recommendations:

Create update protocols for all the software installed on the computers.

Monitor the behavior of the teams.

Go the extra mile to have more powerful security tools.

Cybersecurity and defense against attacks from abroad is one of the reasons given to exercise greater control over the Internet.

The various variants of mobile game and wallpaper counterfeits have proven to be a dangerous gateway for malware on our Android devices.

Make sure to install apps from trusted sources

and verify that the permissions match the respective core functions of the app.

Availability is the

third basic principle of computer security …

It is not enough to be available, the information must be accessible in a secure way so that it can be used at the time it is requested and that its integrity and confidentiality be guaranteed.

Many companies are constantly threatened on their assets, which could represent thousands or millions of dollars in losses. Information systems vulnerabilities can represent serious problems.

Make sure you are protected!

Information: the most valuable object for companies

For this and other reasons, computer security is such an important issue, as it directly affects the business of a company or an individual. Make sure you are protected!

Elements that information security must protect:

– Information

– The teams that support it

– The people who use it

It is important that all company employees become aware

about handling information securely.

Avoid risks and protect your company!

Software and its possible vulnerabilities

Unrepaired published failures that may represent improper access to equipment and loss of backup systems.

Protect yourself and avoid risks!

Basic principles of cybersecurity

Protect assets by keeping them safe against threats that may affect their functionality: corrupting it, improperly accessing it, or even deleting or stealing it.

Make sure you are protected!

Computer security must have in view protect the following assets of a company or individual, based on the preservation of three basic principles:



Availability of information

One of the principles of information security is integrity, which allows us to guarantee that the information has not been altered in its content, therefore, it is complete.

What is social engineering?

The art of: Manipulate, Influence, deceive.

It is intended to

gain access to useful information or systems.

Do not fall for

these deceptions!

What is the goal of Social Engineering?

Earn your trust.

Persuade you to disclose sensitive information about your


Give you access to your network.

Don’t fall into this trap!

cybersecurity tips:

Never insert a USB that you have found in an unknown way into your computer.

This is a common tactic used by criminals to infiltrate your network, steal

information and gain unauthorized access.

The code can be run simply by inserting these devices into your computer. By the time you can see the files it contains, the damage may already be done.

Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing strategic concerns of our time.

Now cyber threats are considered one of the most important risk factors for companies and governments.

¡Protect your company!


Cybersecurity as a trend is not an afterthought or something that we will see ‘go out of style’ in a few months.

There are some scandal figures that reflect a fundamental problem that will (unfortunately) continue in the long term and with increasing severity.


There is no industry or sector that is exempt from suffering a cyberattack, although if we talk about government organizations, retail or technology companies, the threat is even greater.

Basic cybersecurity tips:

1.-Never give confidential information over the Internet.

2.-Do not install programs if you do not know the manufacturer.

3.-Avoid connecting to unauthorized networks.

4.-Create passwords difficult to guess.

5.-Use an antivirus and a firewall.

Since 2017, the damages caused by the

Cybercrime is valued at around a trillion dollars annually

The notoriety of cyber threats

Many companies are not yet ready to handle this challenging new scenario. Only 38% of global organizations say they are prepared to face a sophisticated attack, according to a report by ISACA International.

30 years ago the Internet was new and exciting, today using the Internet can be a dangerous place. As well as new technologies, Internet-based computer threats have evolved.

Today they have become one of the main concerns of people and companies:

keep your devices safe and protect information of various kinds.

Cyber ​​crime is on the rise, this should not prevent you from using online resources. Undoubtedly increasing IT security is the best option

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have become the major target for hackers.

The external network connecting smart homes makes criminals use smart home devices to exploit people with them.

Make sure you are protected!

The email Junk is the most common method for cybercriminals to spread


Don’t fall into this trap!

The attacks

Cybernetics are expensive and the most costly part of this is the loss of


Passwords are key to ensuring cybersecurity protection

and mitigate potential threats.

Millennials are the group of people most affected by cybercrime. Potentially, this is because they are the group with the most knowledge


Complex use of the cloud does not always make it user friendly, but the way it is currently used allows for a variety of data breaches. In the future, this problem can be addressed by implementing and enforcing policies on cloud ownership, responsibility, and risk acceptance.

Word, Powerpoint

and Excel (Microsoft office formats) constitute the most frequent group

of malicious file extensions.

Don’t fall for this trap!

The statistics are staggering. Cryptojacking attacks increased by 8,500%. Attacks on IoT devices increased by 600%. Attacks on the software supply chain increased by 200%. Without a doubt, increasing IT security is the best option.

Android platforms are highly susceptible to security attacks




Once a minute, a hacker attacks any computer with Internet access. These attacks impact 30 percent of US users

every year.

Protect yourself and your company!

Internet of Things (IO) Attacks

While Internet connectivity through

Of almost every device imaginable, it creates convenience and ease for individuals, it also presents a growing – almost unlimited – number of access points for attackers to exploit and wreak havoc. The interconnectedness of things makes it possible for attackers to break through an entry point and use it as a gateway to exploit other devices on the network.

The complexity and variety of cyber attacks is increasing …

With a different type of attack for each nefarious purpose, although the measures

Cybersecurity prevention measures differ for each type of attack, good security practices and basic IT hygiene are generally good at mitigating these attacks.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Without a doubt, 2020 will not only be remembered as the year of the pandemic, but also because of the importance and relevance that cybersecurity has had.

Take all cybersecurity measures for this 2021 and avoid risks!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Phishing attacks, that is, attacks by sending emails electronic devices with malicious intent, is one of the most common practices

by cybercriminals. These, being difficult to detect due to their errors almost imperceptible to the naked eye (you have to look very well and know what you search to find out), they get many users to bite (hence phishing), thus becoming a victim of the cybercriminal.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Cyberattacks against hospitals. In mid-March, computer viruses and ransomware began to be detected against hospitals in other countries. One of the first affected was the Brno University Hospital in the Czech Republic, which was forced to suspend surgeries and the hospitalization of new patients after all its computer systems were paralyzed.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Fake job offer. We are in a time of great uncertainty at the workplace level and as we have said previously, cybercriminals take advantage of any situation of vulnerability to launch their attacks. We see an example in the ads that have begun to be published on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram with phrases such as: “Make money easily.” And put together “money” and “easy” in the same sentence.

Don’t be fooled!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Creation of fake pages to raise funds for Covid-19. Cybercriminals take advantage of the empathy of sensitive people to generate fake pages that supposedly collect funds for the economic crisis derived from Covid-19. We recommend you do it through official and secure pages and websites. For example, make sure before entering a site that the start of the URL is “HTTPS: //” instead of “HTTP: //”, in this way you will know that the site is safe for browsing.

Don’t be fooled!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Mails in other languages ​​or poorly translated, we have to recognize it, since it is very evident because it is in a different language. But BEWARE, there could be been in Spanish and the clue would give us a terrible translation, an unequivocal sign that we are facing a phishing attack. See if in the message there is mis placed letters or characters that should not be there, it will be a very obvious from a malicious email

Don’t be fooled!

Most common cyberattacks during the Covid-19 pandemic:

Subscription problems. Have you received this email? Do not reset

your data! It is a trap! In order to get your bank details, phishing cybercriminals take advantage of the increased use of Netflix these days to send emails announcing problems with your account. They know that you will not hesitate to restore your data, to continue enjoying your favorite entertainment platform.

Don’t be fooled

The 7 technological trends for 2021

1. Internet of Behaviors.

2. Distributed Cloud Technology.

3. Operations anywhere.

4. Cybersecurity “mesh”.

5. Smart business.

6. Artificial intelligence engineering.

7. Hyperautomation.

Technology Research Consulting Agency, Gartner

What is application security?

It focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats. An affected application could provide access to data that is intended for

to protect. Effective security begins at the design stage, long before a program or device is implemented.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Information security protects the integrity and privacy of data, both in storage and in transit.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

30,000 websites are hacked every day

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

6,000 viruses are created every month

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

80% of emails are spam

Don’t be fooled!

Incredible facts about digital security

Between 1960 and 1977 for 8 years, the password for the US missile computers was 00000000

Incredible facts about digital security

20% of device viruses have been developed by cybercriminals.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

NASA computers went 21 days without working due to an attack by a hacker. The person responsible was a 15-year-old boy who also hacked the Pentagon.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

Software errors are called a “bug” because the Mark III malfunction was caused by a moth.

Incredible facts about digital security

Blaster is one of the most famous worms in history.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

An infected USB caused the most dangerous security breach to affect US military computers.

She was found in the parking lot by someone from the organization who connected her to his team.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Incredible facts about digital security

In 2012, the cybercriminal group known as UGNazi disabled Papa John’s website.

They did it because it took them two hours to get their order.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

In recent years, the appearance of news about threats to privacy on the Internet, which affect both companies and

people, has raised awareness in a very significant part of society regarding the importance of protecting information in a digital world.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

We are living in a complex situation, in which the number and variety of cyber threats is increasingly high given the process of

digitization of the entire economy and the advancement of new technological trends, such as cloud computing or the Internet of things.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Hardware security keys, such as those from Google and Yubico, are considered the most secure means of protecting accounts from spoofing and takeover attacks.

Hackers exploit zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows and Android in complex cybercriminal campaign.

What is watering hole attack?

The term watering hole attack, in Spanish, Watering hole attack, is an attack strategy against organizations in which the attacker infects third-party websites widely used by users with malware.

organization users. In this way, when the users of the organization access that website, they are infected.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

Forget weak passwords, apply methods to create strong passwords

Use a sentence combined with different characters.

Protect your company and avoid risks!

By this 2021 it is estimated that cybercrime could cost up to 6,000 million dollars in losses for companies and users.

Protect your company and avoid risks!