Manual Testing

Manual testing is essential in relying on the creativity and intuition of the tester to use the product the way a user would

Automated Testing

Testers create test cases that are automated which are suitable for many projects and reduce error in large and complex projects

What can we test for you?

Windows, Linus, Mac, iOS, Android, Software, Mobile Apps, Web-based applications, Websites


Functional Testing
Interface testing, system testing, regression testing, smoke testing, integration testing, acceptance testing
Performance Load Testing
Stress testing, stability testing, volume testing, scalability testing, endurance testing, configuration testing
Compatibility Testing
Cross-browser testing, cross-platform

Accessibility Testing
Testing done to a system that takes under consideration people with all abilities and disabilities

Localization & Globalization Testing
Testing techniques used to validate whether the application can be used all over the world
Penetration Testing
Testing done to a computer system, network or Web application to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit

Usability Testing
Tests how easy it is for the user to accomplish a desired task and the kind of user support the system provides
Website Testing
Tests web site responsiveness, time connection, compliance, and optimization
Mobile Device Testing
Tests for mobile compatibility, responsiveness, validation and verification of both hardware and software
How to get started

Our sales department will connect you with an account manager who will be your point of contact with Zero Vulnerabilities. Your account manager will gather information from you about your requirements and goals, discuss pricing and contracts and get you started. The account manager will continue to be your contact to provide updates on the testing and answer any questions you have.

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