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Zero Vulnerabilities is backed by more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry testing for Fortune 500 companies. We have put together a team with a solid technological background whose sole purpose is to provide high-end testing and QA to companies both large and small.

Meet some of our employees

Manuel Munoz
Lead Software Tech

For Manuel working in the tech industry is not just a job — it is a passion! This passion over the years has driven him to learn everything that he can related to computers, and he is a veritable expert. In an ever evolving environment like the tech industry, it is vital to constantly adapt and Manuel has exemplified this characteristic throughout his life. 

Omar Albert
Director of Operations

Omar’s objective is always to guarantee that the processes within our company are carried out in the most efficient way possible, that is why his dedication and perseverance is key so that the work team always achieves its objective. He works closely with Manuel and other team members to guarantee the most thorough, efficient, and reliable quality assurance testing. He takes charge of various projects that are assigned to him and doesn’t accept “good enough,” preferring instead to see things through until the job is done.

Why choose our team?

Benefits of Outsourcing your Testing

You are working hard to release your software or app. That’s what you do best. But, what does your customer expect? What will your customer’s experience be? Are there any security issues? Is your product doing what you want it to do on any platform? Can it handle input mistakes from customers?

Our QA team will put your product through an intense series of tests to find the things that will make your product better so you can exceed your customer’s expectations. We will bring a perspective to your product that you may not have considered yet, and find risks and bugs that you can fix to be ready for release.

Outsourcing your testing has many benefits. You will get the most advantages by “near-sourcing” or choosing a company that is relatively close to you. We have offices in Utah, as well as in Mexico and management has a strong connection to both countries. We can offer the benefits of lowering your costs, as well as a strong technical testing team at your disposal.

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